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Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials CEO Defends Boycotting Biden’s Speech: He Should Be in DC

‘He needs to be working the senators to make sure that we do get a vote’
By Grabien Staff


GONZALEZ: “We need him to be spending time in Washington, D.C., to make sure -- if anybody knows the U.S. Senate, it’s Joe Biden. He knows how to get things done in the Senate. He needs to be working with the senators to make sure that we do get a vote. We need -- we do need to eliminate the filibuster for voting rights, and -- and we’re urging the president to come out strongly in favor of that and to use his -- use his power as the president of persuasion and his relationships within the Senate to ensure that all senators, including Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema are on board with --” [crosstalk]
CAMEROTA: “But -- but -- but Jerry, don’t you think President Biden has been doing that? He has been talking to Senator Manchin. Senator Manchin is dug in. He doesn’t want to lose the filibuster. What more do you want President Biden to do?”
GONZALEZ: “We want President Biden to be in D.C. having those conversations with them instead of spending time here in Atlanta. Bottom line is he can be effective in Washington, D.C., in Georgia, we know how dire the situation is with voter suppression tactics or legislation being introduced in the Georgia general assembly just yesterday. So things are -- are dire. We need the president to lead and act in Washington, D.C., and get the job done in the U.S. Senate. We get the job done in Georgia, and he needs to get the job done in D.C.”

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