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Georgia Dem Candidate Jon Ossoff Refuses to Say If He’s a Progressive or a Moderate

‘I try to shy away from labels, Chris’
By Grabien Staff


MATTHEWS: “Let me ask you, are you a moderate or a Progressive? Which word would you prefer if you had to have one?”
OSSOFF: “I try to shy away from labels, Chris, and focus on the issues. Let me give you a couple examples. When it comes to —“
MATTHEWS: “I understand why you shy away from them, but if you had to choose a label for yourself, which would it be? Give me a label.”
OSSOFF: “I’m pragmatic, and one of the things that would be refreshing about representing this district, is that it is a pragmatic moderate district, and I would be empowered to take courageous stands in the center on, for example, comprehensive immigration reform where far too many members of Congress who are afraid of primary challenges lacked the grit and the guts to do something that’s difficult politically. I will do something that’s difficult politically and move to the center and try to get big things done whether it’s on immigration or infrastructure or tax reform.”

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