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Gillibrand Gets Testy During Unusually Combative CNN Interview

‘We’ve had one debate and there’s going to be ten’
By Grabien Staff


HARLOW: “So to your argument about saying, ‘I’m on this road trip, on this bus trip because I think I’m the one who can beat President Trump on this,’ you have never lost an election in your 13-year political career. But when you look at the polling right now, you’re polling somewhere between 0 and 1%. ‘Washington Post’ magazine did a fascinating profile on you just yesterday and here is what they wrote: ‘Gillibrand’s brand - motherly, responsible, pragmatic and experienced - is going to be a tough sell if what we really want at some level is for our politicians to entertain us.’ Do you think that’s part of why you haven’t broken through more?”
GILLIBRAND: “It is so early, Poppy. We’ve had one debate and there’s going to be ten. So it’s a long process between now and the first primary in New Hampshire and the first caucus in Iowa. And those are states I intend to win. I’m really proud of the campaign we are running, because we are leading the national debate on women’s reproductive freedom. I’m the only candidate that went to the front lines in Georgia to say that women’s reproductive freedom are basic constitutional rights.”

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