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Gillibrand on Removing Existing Border Barriers: ‘I Could Support It’

‘If it makes sense I could support it’


GILLIBRAND: "Well, I'd have to ask folks in that part of the of the country to see whether the fencing that exists today is helpful or unhelpful. But, you know Democrats are not afraid of national security or border security. Democrats have funded border security for decades and so it's not a question of not wanting to keep the country safe, but what President Trump wants to do is build a medieval-style wall, out of concrete and one that will destroy not just the community but the environment. And it is a hateful message. I mean he's --‎ he's trying to create a picture of division and hate and derision. And that's why I'm so offended by -- the fact that he's fused this kind of racism in — ‎in his words and actions is just troubling. So, I could look at it and see which part he means and why and if it makes sense I could support it."‎

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