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Giridharadas: Bloomberg Should Spend His $500 Million ‘Trying to Have Rich People Pay Higher Taxes’

‘He’s advocated against higher taxes when those proposals came on recently’


GIRIDHARADAS: “No. As you know, Stephanie, that's not my argument. My argument is that there’s some systemic issues here that may be a better investment of $500 million. $500 million spent trying to get money out of politics may actually get you more progress on this issue than just investing $500 million on this issue. $500 million actually invested in trying to have rich people pay higher taxes so state and local governments have their own money to do this, actually may get you even more than $500 million. And frankly, Michael Bloomberg has made his money selling, you know, those computers that I can't believe anybody wants, but apparently everybody wants, to Wall Street. And the reality is, his friends on Wall Street are the ones who pushed for a vision of the economy, an extreme profiteering economy that has caused the climate problem in the first place. And so Michael Bloomberg in addition to this, I'm not saying instead of this, but if Michael Bloomberg could get the CEOs, who I think revere him and rely on his product, to actually think differently and to actually change a culture in which it is thought to be okay to make money by destroying the planet — “

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