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Girlfriend of Kyle Rittenhouse Victim Anthony Huber: Anthony ‘Had Been F**ked by This System’ from His Birth to Death

‘We know that this system is a failure’
By Grabien Staff


GITTINGS: "For me personally, I am especially not surprised at the outcome of this verdict for Anthony Huber, the love of my life. He had been f**ked by this system in every single way from his birth to his death. And all that we can do now is keep moving. Keep jumping into action. We need to stand together. I want to be specific that this violence that they’re using as a fearmongering tactic to keep the general public afraid of us and what we’re doing, we don’t need that. We don’t need the violence at all. All we need to do is keep standing and keep being loud and keep calling them out on their fu**ery. 


I miss Anthony every single day. Every day I wish that I could come home to him and unload some of this weight that's on my shoulders, but I can’t because he’s dead. And now this system is telling me that nobody needs to answer for that. And I have a problem with that.”

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