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Giuliani on Joe and Hunter Biden Links to the Ukraine: ‘The Facts Are Stubborn’

‘I will step back and I’ll just watch it unfold


GIULIANI: "I wish they would actually, because then I would be able to lay out the unbelievably incriminating evidence about members of the DNC, members of the Clinton campaign who were involved in gathering information there that was negative to the Trump campaign, including a meeting at the National Security Council in January of 2016, in which people in the Trump — the Obama Administration asked for negative information about Trump. And they asked Ukrainian officials for that. That is all a matter of record in the Ukrainian investigation that they are trying to have quashed now for the second time. Joe Biden succeeded in doing that in 2016. It was reopened two and a half months ago and they are trying to quash it again. At the time that Joe Biden did it, his son was under investigation for getting something like three to $10 million from a crooked Ukrainian oligarch who was hiding in Russia, and he got it while Joe Biden was the Vice President of the United States and when in charge with relations with the Ukraine. In that tape that you saw, Joe Biden had the prosecuted general dismissed and then the case against his son was a dropped. Now that — wait! That stinks, the facts are stubborn and eventually this is going to have to be investigated. I will get out of it — in order to remove any political suggestion, I will step back and I'll just watch it unfold."

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