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Giuliani: We Have the ‘Smoking Gun’ on the Bidens and Ukraine; Trump ‘Will Be Totally Vindicated’

‘This is a money laundering transaction’
By Grabien Staff


GIULIANI: “I have what I used to call when I was U.S. Attorney of smoking gun. This is a money landering transaction occurred at the time that was fired and it’s about 14.6 million. And this is a notice from the lack of the government to the Ukrainian government that hunter Biden is under investigation for corruption. Corruption affair, and then it lays out simplify it, 14.8 million goes from Ukraine to company in Latvia disguise at a loan and goes from lath vee E Ya to another company disguised as another loan in Cyprus and then to the U.S. We lose track of it. Because when he gets it, just about the day he’s fired — there’s no money in here for Devin archer and hunter Biden everybody else the money is listed the two board members we all of the other board members money listed. Money listed none for them. So round about I guess international wire to disguise as loan and you have dms to show that. It is right here you have memo right there that’s from Latvia to Ukraine — because right now we kno a few Senate Republicans have asked treasury department about some of these financial irregularities invving hunter Biden should have been investigative look government has been lax a it is pathetic these are crimes that when I was a — a U.S. Attorney, the day Joe Biden made that boastful announcement about how bribed big mistake. Yeah. He — the investigation would have begun next day for bribery. He — he violated the bribery statute announced it. There he is all right. Lindsey Graham talk to “

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