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Glenn Beck Tells Hannity That Soros-Funded ‘Communists’ in Chicago Are Building ‘Waves’ of Migrants

‘We can’t fight the enemy if we do not call them by name, and these are communists’
By Grabien Staff


BECK: “I feel bad for the president, because he is trying to fight something at the border, but that is not where the problem is. The problem, as I lay this out on the chalkboard, we have done about a year's worth worth of research on this. To the problem is actually coming from Chicago. There is a group, a family that has a united methodist church, preachers, they are the ones that started the sanctuary city. They are directly getting money from George Soros and others, and they are the ones that if I may quote, they are the ones that help charter the routes, arranging bust transformations, and negotiate with Mexican officials to provide protection, from the ap, when you find out who these people are, let me quote another, this I think is from uc San Diego, they say that the latest members, the zealous group of college students, community orders, young professionals strove to lead national immigrants to -- immigration rights movement, led by the politics marxist thought based on Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin with an international worldview that are calling for collective mobilization. I lay this all out on a chalkboard so that you can really follow it and see what is going on. Mr. President, please, you are not going to solve the problem at the border. I know that seems rational, but when you look at the evidence, we can't fight the enemy if we do not call them by name, and these are communists. American communists in Chicago that are taking loads of money from George Soros and others. They are orchestrating this. And what they are doing now is a human wave. It was a tactic used in China, or by China against us in the Korean war, where they just throw wave after wave after wave of people until you just can't fight it anymore. And Chuck Schumer, and all of the others, they know about it, and they are covering and encouraging this. This is an assault on the republic.”

(Via Mediaite)

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