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Gohmert on FISA Abuse: ‘Somebody’s Got to Go to Jail or Our System Is Over’

‘I’m shocked, really shocked, that no FISA judge put anybody in jail yet’
By Grabien Staff


GOHMERT: "You and I believe in due process. We would never send somebody to jail without due process, but one thing — and this is a good segue, I think — when a lawyer provides something to the court that is not true, and especially to a FISA secret court where there is nobody there for the other side. — I know you know. I found out as a felony judge. When I put one lawyer in jail for contempt, people get the message. You don’t come in and misrepresent. You do what is appropriate in court. I’m shocked, really shocked, that no FISA judge put anybody in jail yet. Yet we have found total disregard for pro bright before the — pore propriety before the FISA court. And somebody should have been in jail over the improprieties submitted in court. I signed a letter to our chairman. He has a heart to get to the bottom of what happened in the FISA court. I talked to chairman Goodlatte about it. He’ll get to the bottom of what was said and what was done. There is a chance, there may not be some transcripts. In which case you go by the four corners of the documents that were there. And we know people should go to jail."

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