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Goldberg: ‘Fair to Say’ Trump ‘Incited a Mob to Sack the Capitol and Lynch the Vice President’

‘That is a fair way of describing what happened’
By Grabien Staff

GOLDBERG: "Well, what we need now is a commitment to plain language. Susan is right. The novelty of this movement domestically really caught us on the back foot. And our language and plain description never fully caught up to what was going on. What I mean by this is something very specific. Like when you are describing what happened this week, it probably should be described simply as the president of the United States incited a mob to go sack the capitol and lynch the vice president, his vice president. I mean, that is a fair way of describing what happened or what could have happened had the mob broken through and got to the vice president or the speaker of the house or other members of the Congress. They were looking for violence. And so that in many other ways we have to describe things as they are. And one lesson very quickly that we could learn from our profession is that we need to almost be like foreign correspondents in our own capitol at some point. It is easy for us to describe the Arab spring, the coups in Turkey and other places. But we have to import some of that language into describing what’s going on domestically becauses that what’s happening domestically."

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