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GOP Rep. John Curtis: Republicans Made a Terrible Mistake by Allowing To Be Branded as Not Caring or Denying the Science

‘And it’s my mission to prove that that’s not true for Republicans, that we do care deeply’
By Grabien Staff


CURTIS: “First of all, hello from Utah’s third congressional district. It’s a delight to be with you. My theory is that the vast number of Republicans care deeply about this Earth. We want to not only do our part, we want to do far more than that. As evidenced to that, this caucus Ta you talked about, it just started two weeks ago, 66 members of the House of Representatives, that’s a third of our entire conference have joined that. And I feel like as a Republican, we have made a tshl mistake by allowing ousts to be branded as not caring or denying the science. And it’s my mission to Prue it’s not true. We do care deeply. We have a lot of good ideas ourselves.”

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