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Gov. Cuomo Blames Nursing Home Staff for ‘Bringing’ Virus into Facilities, Causing Mass Death

‘One person can create dozens of cases’


CUOMO: “But, their criticism was, well, people in nursing homes died. Yes, people in nursing homes died and they attacked me and all the other democratic governors with that. We know that. This virus attacks the old and the weak. We introduced — we were introduced to the virus in Seattle, Washington, when it attacked in a nursing home. And, yes, a large number of seniors in nursing homes passed away. In New York state, when you look at the percentage of deaths in nursing homes, we’re 46 out of 50 states -- 46 out of 50 states. So, by percentage our loss was much, much less than other states. We’ve done a full study of it, the virus came into nursing homes from the staff. This is before we knew there was asymptomatic spread, before we had the testing capacity. But we always had additional beds for COVID-positive people. We had emergency hospital beds, additional hospital capacity. We never forced any nursing home to take them. That’s just not true.”

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