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Gov. Cuomo: New York Is Testing the Most People for Coronavirus Because President Trump Decentralized Testing

‘We’re taking more tests per capita than China or South Korea’

CUOMO: "We are taking more tests in New York than any place else. We’re taking more tests per capita than China or South Korea. We’re also taking more tests than any state in the United States of America. That is actually a great accomplishment. Because if you remember back two weeks, which seems like a lifetime now, the whole question was coming up to scale on tests. How do we get the number of tests up and how do we get it up quickly? I spoke to the President and the Vice President, and I said decentralize the testing, let the states do it. I have 200 labs. I can mobilize quickly. Let us do the tests. They agreed. We’re doing more tests than any state. So, for example, we’ve done 45,000 tests. California has done 23,000. Washington has done 23,000. So you see how many more tests we are doing."

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