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Gov. Cuomo: The Virus Came from Europe and It Was the Greatest Miss By the Federal Government

‘Forget the China travel ban; it was in Europe’
By Grabien Staff

CUOMO: “Dr. Fauci said this. CDC had said this. The main driver was the virus came from Europe and it was the greatest miss by the federal government of all time. China virus, China virus, China virus, China travel ban. Forget the China travel ban; it was in Europe. And they literally have traced our strain of the virus back to Europe. January, February, March, three million people come through our airports from Europe. And then you have the density in the public transportation and everything else. But more than anything, we just didn’t know. Nobody said screen people coming from Europe. Nobody said to the people of New York, watch when you go have a meeting with people in Europe, watch if you have guests who are coming from Europe. It was a total miss by the federal government. That was the main point. I give you the seven deaths today, eight deaths is the three day average, right? I’ll take one more. I’m sorry, did I answer your question?”

REPORTER: “Partially.”

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