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Gov. Hogan: ‘People All Over the Place Are Fighting As Hard As They Can To Fight This Hidden Enemy’

‘Nobody knows where the end of this is or when the spikes are going to happen’
By Grabien Staff


TODD: “Governor Hogan, what would you give as a prescription of what does progress look like as we sit at home and wait?”

HOGAN: “Look, nobody knows where the end of this is or when the spikes are going to happen, but progress is going to be if we can somehow bend this curve downward and start to stop that spike that’s going so we don’t overload the health care system and if people are just going to — look, it’s very disconcerting. People’s lives are disrupted. It’s scary and I understand people out there are concerned about when is it going to look better. Just know that people all over the place are working as hard as they possibly can to fight this hidden enemy and it’s going to take all of us, not only the local government, the cities like the mayor and state governments, the federal government, but it takes every one of our citizens is a part of this and we can’t stop it without them cooperating. It’s going to be a while. We don’t know how long or how bad it’s going to be, but it’s going to continue until we can get it stopped. We’re going to keep fighting it 24 hours a day.”

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