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Gov. Northam on Yearbook Blackface: ‘I Am a Better Person’

‘That was a very, very difficult time for Virginia’
By Grabien Staff


NORTHAM: "At the end of the day, it was a hurtful time. I am glad Virginians stuck with me. I can tell you that I am a better person. I certainly understand racial issues much better than I did prior to that episode and I really think Virginia, more importantly, is a better commonwealth, a commonwealth that is more open, more inclusive and really welcoming to people. And as I like to remind people, our society is becoming more diverse every day and that’s a good thing. And it will continue to go in that direction. So Virginia needs to embrace that diversity if we’re going to be able to move forward. So we need to be able to treat people right. That’s the right thing to do, and it’s also good for business. And I think it’s a reason we have seen we can treat people right. We can be a progressive commonwealth and at the same time we can have a robust economy."

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