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Governor Andrew Cuomo Claims the Senior Centers and Nursing Homes Are Safe

‘In every state we have to do more’

TAPPER: "Point, do you think these senior centers are safe. Period?"
CUOMO: "Yeah. Look, there’s — I’ve taken political heat, okay? There are facts and there’s Politics. There’s no doubt in nursing homes across this nation. That’s where we saw most of the deaths and not most, but almost 50% of the deaths and senior citizens in con grow Ghantt settings and it is becoming more and more clear that the infection and the nursing homes came from the staff that got infected and brought it in, but in New York we’re number 46 in the nation in terms of percentage of deaths at nursing homes compared to the total percentage. By “The New York Times” we’re number 46. So it’s been unfortunate. In every state we have to do more and figure it out, but if they want to point finger, not at New York. We’re 46. You have 45 other states to point fingers at first."

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