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Grabien Founder Tom Elliott Tells Dana Loesch About Twitter Suspending Him for Jokes

‘They just don’t want me there’


ELLIOTT: “No, I mean, I’m amused that the rumor mill has been moving in that direction, but in fact, actually, Andy Slavitt, I was walking Friday — or Monday night, I guess, and saw that he was commenting on Colin Powell’s death and said that the lesson here is that everybody needs to get vaccinated. And I immediately thought, like I’m sure a lot of people that read that tweet, like, is that really the lesson here? Is that the takeaway? So, responded in the typical sarcastic way that I sometimes do, saying get vaccinated and you too can die of Covid. Obviously, a joke meant to be funny, and went about my way. Couple minutes later, signed back on and was locked out of the account and was told that I needed to delete this tweet for violating the community guidelines. So that’s what I did, because I have to confess here at the outset that this is actually not the first time I’ve dabbled in wrongthink. Last year I similarly got in trouble for saying something against His Highness Governor Cuomo. And at that point, he and de Blasio were having this catfight and it seemed to result in Cuomo withholding vaccines for senior citizens in New York City.”

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