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Graham: We Always Secured the Border First Before Giving Immigration Legal Status

‘If you start allowing unaccompanied minors the ability to stay in the country and not send them where they came from... ‘
By Grabien Staff


GRAHAM: "And President Trump’s statement, I hope you look at it and can talk about it tonight, is dead on. If you don’t believe that giving legal status to people who have been here illegally for years without first securing the border will entice more people to come, you’re crazy. We have always done border security first. I have been involved in every immigration reform proposal in the last 15 years. The Democratic Party agreed with me and other Republicans to spend $40 billion to secure the border in 2013. Now I can’t get them to admit that the pull factors they have created are causing the flow of illegal immigration. There is nothing changed in the triangle countries. They are no worse, they're no better. What’s changed is we changed our policies."

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