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Green New Deal Rally: ‘No Middle Ground’ on Our Demand for ‘No Fossil Fuel Production’

‘Can I get the audience to shout no for no fossil field production?’

LOWERY: “There’s gonna be some push back, oh yes there will push back. Here in Washington, D.C., when we organize for strong legislation to push D.C. towards a 100% clean energy city, corporate groups fought back hard, they push back hard. Whenever we started to organize for other transformative environment policies, they continue to push back hard. As the Green New Deal fight continues to heat up, as we fight for a strong inequitable green New Deal that includes full employment, 100% clean energy and no, and I repeat no fossil fuel production.”

(Cheers and Applause)

LOWERY: “Can I get the audience to shout no for no fossil field production?”

CROWD: “No fossil fuel production!”

LOWERY: “Ok- ok- ok, that what I am talking about. There will be push back from corporate interests and your politicians who tell you they want to water down your bills to seek a middle ground with corporate lobbyists. Boo! I see the audience doesn’t like middle ground yet. We don’t like a middle ground. There ain’t no middle ground in this audience right. But if we continue to organize and build diverse coalitions sooner on our environmental justice, our beautiful movement will have a transformative Green New Deal that is needed for our communities and planet.”

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