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Grenell: Buttigieg Pretending Pence Is Targeting Him a ‘Hate Crime Hoax’ ala Jussie Smollett

‘I think this is a hate hoax and I think it’s outrageous’


GRENELL: “Mayor Pete has been pushing this hate hoax along the lines of Jussie Smollett for a very long time now, and I find it really ironic that mayor Pete stayed silent about this so-called hate hoax on him and others during 2015, 2016, 2017 when Mike Pence was governor, there was total silence. It’s ironic that right about now when he’s starting his fund-raising apparatus to run for president that he comes up with this idea and this attack. One of the things that bothers me about this attack is Mike Pence is a friend of mine. Mike and Karen are great people, godly people, they don’t have hate in their heart for anyone. They know my partner, they have accepted us. You asked me do we agree philosophically on every single issue? No. I don’t agree philosophically with my hero Dietrich bonhoeffer on everything, I don’t agree with my partner on everything. The gay community used to be the community pushing tolerance and diversity, we were the ones that were saying everyone should be able to accept and love each other. Now suddenly there’s a whole community of people demanding we all think alike. I think it’s outrageous and let me say one more thing. When mayor Pete came out, the vice president complimented him and said he holds him in high regard. The vice president or then governor has said nothing but positive things about mayor mayor Pete. I think this is a hate hoax and I think it’s outrageous.”


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