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Grilled by Sen. Ted Cruz, DHS Sec. Mayorkas Can’t Answer Any Questions

‘I don’t have that data’
By Grabien Staff


CRUZ: "How many women have been sexually assaulted being trafficked into this country in 2021?"
MAYORKAS: "Senator, I have no ability to determine how many — "
CRUZ: "Okay, you don't know. So you didn’t try to find out?"
MAYORKAS: " — have been sexually assaulted in Mexico along the migratory — "
CRUZ: "Alright, how about this? How many children have been sexually assaulted by traffickers or other people when they were coming in illegally?"
MAYORKAS: "I do not have that data, senator."
CRUZ: "Okay, so you don’t know that, either. Let me ask you this. How many illegal immigrants have you released into the United States who were Covid-positive?"
MAYORKAS: "Senator, it is our policy to test individuals — "
CRUZ: "I didn’t ask your policy. How many illegal aliens have you released who were Covid-positive?"
MAYORKAS: "Well, let me just say, when they were released, they are placed in immigration — "
CRUZ: "How many have you released that were Covid-positive?"
MAYORKAS: "I will have to get that number for you."

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