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Gutfeld to Brazile: Find the Clip Where Trump Told Americans To Drink Bleach and I’ll Buy You Dinner

‘I’m just trying to be honest’
By Grabien Staff


BRAZILE: “And by the way, if Joe Biden goes up there one day and asks people to drink bleach as a way to fighting the pandemic, God knows he'll be —"
GUTFELD: "That never happened, Donna. You got fed a lie there. That never happened, Donna. You got fed a lie. Never happened. If you are going to say that on the show, you have to have the clip. Never happened."
BRAZILE: "Well, get the clip because —"
GUTFELD: "Good luck. Get the clip, Donna. Good luck. I will buy you a steak dinner if you find that clip. It never happened. I’m just trying to be honest. If you're going to bring up something that’s not true, we've got to point it out. That's what we do."

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