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Gutfeld: MLB All-Star Moved To Denver Which Is Whiter than the Slopes in Aspen

‘What were they smoking?’


GUTFELD: "Once the media decided the Georgia voting law was evil by demanding the same steps you need to get a library card, what did Major League Baseball do? They moved the game from Atlanta, which is 51% black, to Denver, which is 76% white. What were they smoking? Well, it is Colorado, so maybe weed. Because you have to be mile high to think this was a solution. For a number of reasons that aren't Colorado’s fault. It’s just that in this new woke world, skin color is everything. So to help black people, MLB moved the game to Denver, which is whiter than the slopes in Aspen, and made sure that black-owned businesses in Atlanta just lost millions in profit. Like most woke policies, they make the folks in charge feel good while harming the people they insist they are helping. Judging by this logic, I wouldn’t be surprised if Senator Byrd’s grandson throughout the first pitch. All of this stinks because it makes assumptions about black lives that smacks of condescension. And it's blacks who must bear the consequences, not the white CEOs. But if the new Georgia bill is truly Jim Crow on steroids — and possibly growth hormones given Major League Baseball’s history — Colorado requires voter I.D. to vote in person. And at Coors Field, you need to show I.D. to pick up your tickets, which by the activist media standards is definitely racist. Yes, in this new upside-down world, it's racist to assume blacks have I.D.s and it’s not racist to think they don’t.” 

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