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Gutfeld: No Kid Cares About Who Superman Is Kissing, Why Is This Forced into a Medium Where It’s Not Necessary

‘It’s like announcing they have gluten free crust at a pie eating contest’


GUTFELD: “My point is, who really gives a damn? No kid cares or wants to care about who Superman is kissing. The guy is faster than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. I think that might pique a kid’s curiosity more than what or who he hooks up with. Especially since kids who read comic books usually don't have sex until their early 30s. 
But it raises a question: Why is this happening? Why is  this being forced into a medium where it’s not necessary? It’s like announcing they have gluten-free crust at a pie-eating contest. Nobody asked, nobody cares. But that doesn't matter. It’s not for the consumer, it’s for the companies to cover their asses. There's a desperate need to virtue-signal to those who don’t even read  comic books as a way to protect companies from being criticized for their past. And the criticism is always the same: lack of diversity. Something you never hear about in the NBA.”

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