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Gutfeld: Russia Took Crimea When Obama Was President and Now Occupies Ukraine, Trump’s Presidency Had None of This

‘Putin hopes Kamala wins in 2024 so he can take Pittsburgh’
By Grabien Staff


GUTFELD: "One thing I know, I don’t trust anyone who claims to know what is going on or what to do, right, especially Mr. Magoo at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I also don’t trust anyone who cites territories like Donbas as if they knew what was an hour ago. It’s like the guy who watches an earlier airing of 'Jeopardy!' and then pretends to know all the answers, you know, when the repeat comes on. Tyrus? But that is cable news and network news. They read one article and suddenly they are the experts. But you would learn more from a segment on Chicken Kiev on the food network. The funniest part, Russia took Crimea when Obama was president, and now occupies Ukraine with Joe in charge. Putin hopes Kamala wins in 2024 so he can take Pittsburgh. When Trump was president, Putin did none of this. And it makes me wonder if this is causing anyone at CNN to reconsider their belief that Donald Trump was under the thumb of Russia. I doubt it. They are too busy with Brian Stelter’s hourly feedings.”

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