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Guy Benson: Would Susan Collins Be Willing To Support Her Own Health Care Plan?

‘Seems like she is a hard no on anything that looks like ObamaCare repeal’
By Grabien Staff


BENSON: "The other thing I would point out, though, is one of the difficult senators in this whole process from the leadership perspective is Susan Collins. We heard the sound bites from her just a moment ago. She is a moderate. The one thing that I might counsel Senator McConnell to at least consider, Susan Collins put out her own ObamaCare replacement plan months ago along with Bill Cassidy. It is somewhat similar to the Graham-Cassidy bill but it has some significant differences. Would Susan Collins be willing to support her own plan? I’m not necessarily convinced of that at this point. Seems like she is a pretty hard no on anything that looks like ObamaCare repeal, but she did put it out there and I wonder if that might be a building block for Republicans if they will do one last last ditch effort to build it around Collins-Cassidy. We’ll see what happens. But as of right now as it stands, I would be very surprised if you will see McConnell put his members on a march off the cliff to vote for something that has no chance of passing."

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