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Hannity: I Doubt China Would Shoot Down Pelosi’s Plane

‘Because that would be a massive act of war’
By Grabien Staff


HANNITY: "That brings us tonight to China. The CCP, China's ruling communist dictatorship, they are now threatening to murder the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, shoot down her plane, for daring to visit our ally country Taiwan. Now despite these threats, it is possible that the Speaker could be landing in Taiwan as early as tomorrow. At this point Pelosi has no choice but to visit Taiwan. She has to go. At this point you cannot — America cannot be bullied on the world stage by the CCP. They can’t. And by the way, I doubt that China will shoot down her plane as that would be a massive act of war; a war hopefully they know they would lose, frankly, a war that nobody with a brain would ever want. And still, Pelosi has received little to no support from President Biden who appears more than content to kind of cower in fear and leave Pelosi out to dry. So far Biden is refusing to hold China accountable for anything. He won’t even comment on the direct threats against our Speaker. Whether you like her or dislike her, it doesn't matter. She's two heartbeats away from being president."

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