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Hannity: MSM So Filled with Anti-Trump Rage, They’re Literally Cheering Mueller’s Every Single Move with Giddy Excitement

‘We now live in a two-tiered justice system’
By Grabien Staff


HANNITY: "So before they approved it, that informant described issues involving bribery, extortion, kickbacks, money laundering, Putin's network inside America to get a foothold in our uranium industry. The foundational material for nuclear weapons. By the way, Bob Mueller happened to be the FBI director at the time. He was the one being informed. Why would they ever approve any such deal like that? So are they investigating that seedy link between the Clintons and Russia? Of course not, and what about Mueller? He was the FBI director and that was his guy that had infiltrated Putin’s network in the United States. Maybe he could be investigated. Has to do with Russia and nuclear materials, why did they ever let that happen? That's because we now live in a two-tiered justice system, one where President Trump and anyone around him are aggressively pursued for months on end by a team of Democrats masquerading as investigators. The Clintons, or any other Democrat, they get away scot-free. Every American should be very concerned and worried about what is a completely unfair precedent in this country. Sadly, most of the mainstream media are so left-wing in their partisanship, so filled with anti-Trump rage every second, minute, hour of every day, that they are literally cheering Mueller every single move he makes with giddy anticipation and excitement, trembling with joy and happiness, sort of like Chris Matthews getting a thrill up his leg watching Obama. Every time they hear the word 'Russia,' 'Russia,' 'Russia,' even if Mueller is just indicting intelligence officials from Russia that will never be brought to the U.S. to be put on trial ever. And just to mention the name, watch this."

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