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Harwood: Any Aid or Reporter Who Engages with Biden Sees that the ‘Gears of His Mind Are Working’

‘That’s an issue pushed by right-wing media’
By Grabien Staff


HARWOOD: "Without taking a stand on whether he's too old to run for reelection, let me just run through what is true, what's false, and what gets conflated. What's true is the presidency a hugely taxing job, mentally and physically, and Joe Biden is old. He doesn't talk or walk as smoothly as he once did. That suggests challenges. And when you get into your 80s, which he's about to do, the risk of health problems grows with every year. On the other hand, what's false is that he is not capable of doing the job right now, where he's not mentally in tune with the demands of the job. Anybody, any aide who engages with him, or reporters, we can see this, the gears of his mind are working. That is an issue pushed by right-wing media, but it's not correct. And what gets conflated is this: President Biden is in a weak political position right now, and because he's old, people think he's weak because he's old. His biggest political problem right now is $5 a gallon gas. Gas is not $5 a gallon because Joe Biden's old. His legislative program is not stymied in Congress because Joe Biden is old. It's because he's got a 50/50 Senate, and one of the members of that Democratic Senate comes from a Trump +39 state. I think the other thing that we should point out is that younger, more vibrant presidents like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, also had tremendous political problems in their second years, got hammered in midterm elections, and they ended up politically healthier. So, Joe Biden would look a little bit younger if he was at 50 percent and at 40 percent, but he's not, and so he's going to have to deal with these stories for some time."

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