Hawaii Emergency Mgmt.: Person Not Only Triggered Alert But They Also Pressed ‘Yes’ to Verify
‘There is a screen that says are you sure you want to do this?’


REPORTER: "What is the procedure when you’re testing?"
MIYAGI: "The procedure for the test is that in a real event, get notification from the specific command, then go to activating the computer screen and the program that would activate the warnings and alerts. So the process of our test is that we simulate a notification — again no notification came to simulate that and based on that simulation, our staff will open up the screen, go to the checklist and then make that initiation. That’s what — there is — again, it is a human error. There is a screen that says are you sure you want to do this? Okay. That’s already in place. One person, human error, and that was pushed anyway."
REPORTER: "So they not only triggered the alert, they also pressed yes?"
MIYAGI: "Yes."
REPORTER: "There was a two step process and they pressed yes in both situations. By having redundancy, two people, 12 to 13 minutes to alert the public, how much delay —"
MIYAGI: "There would be no delay in the case. The process would be to push it or oversee to make sure there are two people there when you push the button."
REPORTER: "To clarify, there was a redundancy in place then? Someone clicked to send out this mass message and then someone also clicked to say yes —"
MIYAGI: "It’s the same person."
REPORTER: "Did he explain why then he did it twice?"
MIYAGI: "I can’t explain that. Like I said, it’s a human error that we’re going to fix."