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Heather McGhee: GOP Attacks on Delta Part of Their White Supremacist Agenda

‘The right wing is increasingly bankrupt of any ideas that could help the people of this nation’
By Grabien Staff


MCGHEE: “And so this is really the question, are we going to invest in ourselves again? Is the country that used to be the envy of the world in terms of infrastructure and free college and really a high standard of living for its people but now has an almost failing grade in our infrastructure and 40 percent of adult workers don’t make enough to meet their basic needs, are we going to be great again, but for all of us? That’s the question. The right wing’s answer is no, I have no interest in addressing that problem. I want to hold on to the majority of white voters by scaremongering and scapegoating about race, because that’s really what cancel culture is. When we were all so confused about the Dr. Seuss moment in the middle of an historic super majority supported American Rescue Plan, why are they talking about Dr. Seuss? Well, they're dogwhistling to the Fox News crowd to say that it's Democrats — first of all, it wasn’t Democrats, it was Dr. Seuss’ own estate, his family and heirs who said these few images we don’t like, but they’re trying to say they’re coming after you, white people, what you love, your way of life. It’s a morally and economically bankrupt agenda, and yet this attack on the vote, if politicians can’t win the fair way, they've got to rig the rules to make it harder for eligible citizens to vote. That’s their only play left is really trying to scare white voters and then trying to make it harder for black, white and brown people to vote.”

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