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Heilemann: Republicans Are ‘Literally a Death Cult’

‘You saw the death cult roar’


HEILEMANN: “Someone last night, when we clipped that video and put it up at The Recount, it went rapidly viral. It ran into vast numbers. It went crazy in social media and someone commented, the quote was 'nice death cult you got there, GOP.' And that really is — this is the other thing. It goes back to another — like to one of the core — it really does, I’m using a phrase like death cult about one of the great American political parties in our nation’s history. To say that, we would have once seemed hyperbolic, but it increasingly does feel like the Republican Party has become a death cult and it’s all about Donald Trump, and I do think, again, one of the things that sets Trump apart. Like, what are the things that set Trump apart from every other president? The pathology of the lying, the cruelty, the not taking this — not making the virus central when any other president of any party that we’ve ever experienced in our lifetimes would have made the virus front and center.”

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