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Herman on Georgia Teen Planning Knife Attack on Black Church: Maybe a New President Will Bring This Country Together

‘This is not free speech’
By Grabien Staff

SAVIDGE: "Richard, do you see this as an issue of free speech versus hate speech?"
HERMAN: "Oh, no. This is not free speech. This is — she’s being charged with attempted murder. It’s pretty serious. You can’t — you want to do all the free speech you want, but if it’s in the occurrence of a crime or the planning to commit a crime, murder in this case and a hate crime, you know, you don’t have that free speech. There’s going to be consequences for it. To answer your question you just asked Avery, maybe a new president who will bring together this country and stop the —"
FRIEDMAN: "That’s a political argument."
HERMAN: "Maybe that’s a way to start this, Marty. Maybe that’s a way. Not state hate crime bills. That’s not going to do anything."

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