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Herman on the ‘Good Family’ Teen Rape Case: Judge Troiano Should Be Investigated to See if He Took a Bribe

‘The problem is this judge has completely lost his mind’
By Grabien Staff

HERMAN: “Well, it definitely put the case in the headlines. People who haven’t heard about this now know about it in monmouth county, New Jersey. The problem is this judge has completely lost his mind, I know he’s retired right now, judge Troiano. The man still sits and hears he should be investigated by the judicial grievance committee. He definitely was not in law school the they day taught law. He went out of his way to protect this young man. He claims it wasn’t cruel, wasn’t predatory. This young girl was locked in the basement with a table blocking the door, with her head banging into the wall as this guy is videoing saying, hey, the first time having sex should be rape. This is what he did. These are the facts of the case. And the appellate division reversed and rebuked because being an eagle scout or coming from a good family or getting good test scores doesn’t give you a pass on rain or sexual violence.”

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