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Hickenlooper Quits Radio Interview After He’s Asked About Abortion

‘Listen, I thought you wanted to talk about gun safety’
By Grabien Staff


HICKENLOOPER: "How do we allow government to stay, you know, out of people’s lives except for necessary? And I think that this notion that a woman when she’s going through these incredibly difficult situations is not going to be able to resolve this between herself and her doctor or herself and her husband and doctors, it somehow needs government to come in and arbitrate this — again, you're trying to inflame people's emotions."

CAPLIS: "Governor, no, I’m asking about real-life situations. In fact, I’m sure you’re familiar with the bill of the Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act."

HICKENLOOPER: "I understand, I understand that the real-life situations happen and there are difficult situations. I’ve got a — again, we’ll get a chance to discuss this in more detail, I've got to go. But it’s more than just discussing real-life situations. You can’t try to find an example of every single instance."

CAPLIS: "Governor, this happens all the time. Would you answer this one question, it goes directly to a piece of legislation, the Senate — "

HICKENLOOPER: "Wait a second, hold on. I got to go. I do. We're already, like, four or five minutes late and I’ve got a whole room full of people waiting."

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