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Hillary Blames Press: There Was Such a Disproportionate Response, a Lack of Understanding About Fair Coverage

‘What we found in this election is it really matters how the press covers someone who is so unusual as Trump’
By Grabien Staff


CLINTON: “There was no evidence anything I did ever had any impact. So I think there was such a disproportionate response, a lack of understanding about be fair if you're going to cover me like this, cover the other guy like this. If you look at those words clouds, e-mail dominates mine and terrorism and immigration dominates his. The exit polls were interesting. For people who cared about the economy, I won those voters. If you cared about immigration or terrorism, he won those voters, even though I was the one in the Situation Room advising the president about going after bin Laden. It would not have matters except for James Comey's October 28th letter. We weathered his preference, which was so unfair and wrong. We weathered, you know, all of the attacks coming from trump and his people. We had a great convention. I won three debates. We were really riding momentum. And then people had every reason to wonder what does this mean."

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