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Hillary Clinton: The Deal Trump Made with Taliban Was a ‘Hobson’s Choice’ for Biden

‘He’s like, left with this totally fait accompli’
By Grabien Staff


CLINTON: “And let’s use our money from the opium trade to, you know, buy favor and figure out how we’re going to take over not just the countryside but go into the cities and particularly kabul. That’s all in train. And the deal that Trump made with the taliban was, “okay, you are leaving. We won’t kill Americans because you’re going to leave. And so when Biden comes in he’s, like, left with this totally fait accompli. And his decision has to be either get out in a responsible way, which was to push the deadline a little bit. Or put in more troops because they’re going to attack us and we have to protect ourselves it was an absolute, you know, hobson’s choice. So, getting out was going to happen once the Trump agreement was reached.”

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