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Hillary Clinton: Trump Thinks He Should Be ‘Above the Law’ and ‘Manipulate the Law’

‘He is the only one who has claimed such broad blanket immunity’
By Grabien Staff


HILLARY: "I think on this particular issue, if I were the Supreme Court, I wouldn’t want to wade into this. It is such a good opinion, I would deny cert, let the opinion stand. It is in line with previous opinions. You know, when Trump made the argument about this will hamstring future presidents, well, he is the only one who has been in this position. And he is the only one who has claimed such broad blanket immunity. And we know what his real thoughts are. Remember, 'I could shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, my supporters wouldn’t care.' He thinks that he should be above the law, that he should be able to manipulate the law. The last time that I checked, despite Trump and his supporters' efforts to undermine this, we were a nation based on the rule of law, not on the rule of individual men the way that Trump keeps trying to claim."

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