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Hillary on Ending Sexism: ‘Everyone Has to Purge Themselves of Prejudicial Thoughts’

‘There is a lot to be done and if you go into business, make sure that women are paid equally in treated equally’
By Grabien Staff


CLINTON: "Oh, thank you for that question. (Laughter) And there are so many ways to participate and support this unfinished business getting finely finished. You heard from Wai Wai (ph) the influence of her own father. I mean, do not discount the importance of personal support and interest, and encouragement, action, that sounds simplistic but it’s probably the most profound thing you can do in helping women and girls be given the support, the kind of tools that they need, the confidence that is often necessary, the resilience, which is essential. And also, if you are interested in these issues beyond the personal, there are so many ways to serve. They’re all kinds of NGOs and nonprofits and government organizations. You heard Nadia mentioned the U.N., the important work of trying to bring ISIS and the leaders of ISIS to justice is work that never ends and needs willing hands, especially people with the education you receiving at the foreign service school. I think also politically voting for people who care about these issues and taking a hard look at your own really personal views. I mean, I think everyone has to purge themselves of prejudicial thoughts, of worries about who is on top and who isn’t in the world as it is today."

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