Hillary: ‘I Am Not Someone Who Will Say Things that Are Not True, Who Will Not Take Responsibility’
‘We’re having a therapy session right here on camera’


CLINTON: "I can't change who I am. I knew that. I knew that I'm not someone who will say things that aren't true, that will not take responsibility. I had to run as me. People were saying, 'Oh, if only we knew her more or if she were more authentic.' I've been around a long time. I am what I am. I care about being absolutely as accurate as possible so people know how to judge what I'm saying. But I feel like this was not just a slight shift. This was a ground-shaking shift because I'm someone who's observed presidential elections a very long time and I always saw there would be a moment, maybe one or two, where in a debate or in a really important interview the candidate would say, 'Well, how are you going to do that? Explain to me how that would work.' That was certainly my experience in a way. I saw my husband go through it. In fact, it probably saved his campaign."