Hillary: ‘No,’ My Own Mistakes Did Not Cost Me the Election
‘I don’t think that will surprise you’


LAUER: “Fans of yours, I think, are looking at this book and they are saying this is a frank assessment, and this is a much-needed discussion of the 2016 election. Foes of yours are probably saying, 'Oh, here she goes She’s pointing fingers. She’s whining.' There’s a lot of criticism in this book and, effort of full disclosure, you criticized me pretty soundly in a few pages of this book. When it comes to the self-inflicted wounds, when you look at the list of them, and you go through them in the book, did you make enough mistakes yourself to lose the election without any of the other things you talk about?”
CLINTON: “Well, I will say no, Matt. I don’t think that will surprise you."