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Hilton on Biden Admin’s ‘Great Transition’ Excuse: We Have to Make Our Economy Weaker, To Make It Stronger

‘Lower jobs growth is a good thing’


HILTON: "You’ll be stronger. You see, we have to make the economy weaker to make it stronger. We have to make you weaker because then you’ll be stronger. That’s the great transition. Just like, if you can’t find a job, that’s great too. Lower jobs growth is a good thing. We learned that on Friday."

[clip starts]
BIDEN: "We aren't likely to see the kind of blockbuster job reports month over month, like we had over this past year, but that is a good thing."
[clip ends]

HILTON: "See, if there's not as many new jobs, that's good — in fact, it's great. It's part of the great transition. Before you think this is just another Biden gaffe, remember, it's not only Biden. This is their actual story. Seriously, this is what they are going with.” 

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