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House Judiciary Dem Rep Zoe Lofgren: I Agree with Adam Schiff That Trump’s Conduct Is Worse than Nixon’s

‘At least [Nixon’s conduct] didn’t involve involving foreign nations’
By Grabien Staff


BASH: "So, Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff says President Trump, his conduct has been far more serious and beyond anything that Nixon did. You were there, we’re seeing pictures of it. Do you agree?"

LOFGREN: "Actually I do agree. The president — president Nixon’s misconduct related to trying to use the levers of government to hide the Watergate burglary, his misconduct had to do with trying to throw the election, but at least it didn’t involve other foreign nations. If you take a look at the — what the Founding Fathers were concerned about, it was the interference by foreign governments in our political system that was one of the gravest concerns. Nixon’s behavior didn’t fall into that range. So in that way, this conduct is more serious."

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