Huckabee Praises Clinton’s Speech: ‘This Is Not the Hillary We Saw Who Was ‘Angry and Bitter’
‘I wish most liberals had humor’

HEGSETH: "Let’s bring in governor Huckabee listening to that speech there. Anything you liked about it?"
HUCKABEE: "Sure, on a couple of things. First of all I appreciate her humor. This is not the Hillary that we saw that was angry and bitter. Kudos for her for using a little self-depreach humor. I wish most liberals had humor. Most of them that follow me on Twitter they do not. A little accolade there. Look, second, big question being raised today, if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? If Hillary is in the woods and nobody is there to hear her speak, is she really saying anything? So, yeah, she is coming out of woods. And I guarantee you the speech she gave in Scranton which probably she gave for free, seemed to me a heck of a lot better in the speech than the ones she used to give to for $250,000 for 20 minutes. Good for here."