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Hunter Biden Pretends to Cry as He Says Trump Sending America into ‘Death Spiral’

‘It’s making me emotional’


Hunter Biden dislikes President Trump so much, he gets emotional just thinking about him.

At least that was the impression he wanted to give during his ABC News interview Tuesday morning. 

While describing the Trump Administration, Hunter said he was “getting emotional” and pretended to start crying.

“President Trump likely will see or at least read about this interview,” ABC’s Amy Robach said. “Anything you’d like him to hear from you?”

“No, no. I mean really no. It’s really hard for me to say anything snarky right now or combative because I was raised to respect that office. I don’t know — it’s making me emotional.”

Asked why he’s “getting emotional,” Biden responded: “Because I’m really proud of being an American. But I have to admit I take no pleasure in this, watching this death spiral of this administration, this president and the people that surround him.”

Biden went on to suggest questions about his controversial role in various foreign companies could cause him to start abusing drugs and alcohol again.

“Of course” he may be tempted to start drinking again, Biden told ABC. 

Biden had more words for the Trumps, calling them “the most unethical group of people that we’ve ever seen in this republic.”

ROBACH: “Do you think you’re a distraction right now to your father’s campaign?”

H. BIDEN: “No. Personally, myself, I’m not necessarily a distraction to his campaign. I’m never a distraction to my dad. But as it relates to actually going and being on stage with him, this is not a family business. Everybody kind of thinks that somehow, whether it’s a compliment that we’re like the Kennedys or whether it’s a backhanded compliment like you’re the Trumps, my dad has a job but that does not mean that I had any plans to go do rallies and, you know, talk about Donald Trump’s kids. And I never will. You know, that’s not what Bidens do. My dad doesn’t go after other people’s kids. He just doesn’t. Never has.”

ROBACH: “So you think it’s perfectly fine? And the Trump children have been criticized for doing similar sorts of —

H. BIDEN: “Look, that’s —

ROBACH: “— business.”

H. BIDEN: “Unlike them, I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about them. I really don’t. It’s all noise and what they do is they create just an enormous amount of noise. I have to then answer questions about accusations made by probably the most unethical group of people that we’ve ever seen in this republic.”


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