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Hurricane Hillary: Trump ‘Knows He’s an Illegitimate President,’ Election ‘Wasn’t on the Level’

‘I don’t accept’ idea he might be re-elected

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton showed she still hasn’t cooled over her 2016 electoral defeat at the hands of Donald Trump.

Appearing Sunday morning on CBS, ostensibly to promote a new book she’s co-written with her daughter Chelsea, Clinton spent several minutes attacking Trump. 

When CBS’s Jane Pauley asked Clinton about Trump’s mockery of her, Clinton said: "I believe he knows he’s an illegitimate president.”

“He knows, he knows there were a bunch of different elections for why the election turned out the way it did,” Clinton continued. “And I take responsibility for some parts of it. And it’s like applying for a job and getting 6 million of letters of recommendation and losing to a corrupt human tornado.”

“I know that he knows that this wasn’t on the level,” Clinton said.

Trump, she said, is “obssesed” with her. 

“I don’t know we’ll ever know everything that happened [in 2016] but clearly we know a lot and are learning more every day and history will probably sort it all out,” she said. “So of course he’s obsessed with me. I believe it’s a guilty conscience in so much as he has one."

Asked about Democrats’ current push to impeach President Trump, Clinton offered her enthusiastic endorsement. 

"There should be an impeachment inquiry opened,” she told CBS. “I don’t care who your for in the Democratic primary or Republican. When the president of the United States has taken an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and by that, defend the American people and their interests uses his position to in effect extort a foreign government for his own political purposes, I think that is very much what the Founders were worried about."

Asked what would happen if he’s not impeached and is in fact re-elected, Clinton said she simple can’t even comprehend such a thing happening.

"I don’t accept that or believe that will happen,” she said. “I believe there were many funny things that happed in my election that will not happen again and I’m hoping that both the public and the press understand the way that Trump plays this game."


Clinton also said she “can’t deny” being upset about the Trump Era. 

“No surprise, three years after the historic election of 2016, she is still grappling with defeat,” CBS’s Pauley said. “How are you doing now and what are the metrics by which you know how you’re doing on any given day?”

“Personally, I’m doing well,” Clinton replied. “Having my grandchildren and especially a new 2-month-old grandson has been a gift beyond measure. I feel blessed. I feel good. I can’t deny a big part of me cares deeply what what’s happening in the country and what I fear is the damage being done to our future. The damage being done to our values, our institutions and try to think of ways I can help those who are on the front.”

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