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Ignatius: ‘This White House Veers in and out of Dysfunctionality’

‘So I think this White House veers in and out of dysfunctionality’
By Grabien Staff


IGNATIUS: "So I think this White House veers in and out of dysfunctionality. The knives were out to such an extraordinary extent during the Priebus and Bannon period, they were removed. There seemed to be some calm, the establishment of order. Then the knives come out again and they’re certainly out now. One question that I have is one that you often raised yourself, Joe. What’s the breaking point for Republicans? Are they going to go over the edge of the cliff again on this question of Rob Porter and the larger question of domestic abuse the way that they have in sporting this Nunes attempt to trash the F.B.I. and Special Counsel Robert Mueller, the way Republicans have abandoned any shred of traditional principle on budget matters and embracing a budget that as Steve Rattner says, is going to completely bust the deficits. Will Republicans stick with this embattled White House, stick with Trump yet again, or do they begin to draw lines for their own self-protection?"

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