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James Comey: Mueller Report Shows Trump Impeachable

‘I think he could be based on the evidence that’s gathered’
By Grabien Staff


MILLER: “A thing you said when you were considering whether or not you would prosecute Martha Stewart was that “people cannot obstruct justice no matter who they are. Is the president exempt from that? The Mueller report seemed to say he at least couldn’t be prosecuted for it.”

COMEY: “No, what Director Mueller said in his report is the president, while in office, can’t be charged with a crime, including obstruction of justice. He put together the evidence, as he said, so a future prosecutor after he leaves office could take a look at it. And so that the major mechanism in the U.S. Constitution, Congress’s impeachment authority, could be given life by the facts he gathered.”

MILLER: “Do you think he could be impeached with that evidence?”

COMEY: “I think he could.”

(Via Breitbart)


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